Ursula Macheke van Graan

South Africa

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In 1998, I suffered a minor stroke that caused me to be partially paralyzed and speechless. In 2000 I started practicing yoga andI attribute my recovery and healing to my dedicated yoga practice, alternative healing therapies, and self-empowering methods. I have completed a 200hr HATHA and 500hr ISHTA (Integrated Science of Hatha,Tantric & Ayurveda) and Kemetic Yoga (YogaSkills Method) teacher training. My other full time job is a Shaman, Spiritual Life Coach, an internationally certified Karuna © Reiki and Lightarian™ Reiki Master. I hold two degrees in Business Administration and Social Entrepreneurship.

“I believe yoga has the ability to assist everyone in handling the daily challenges we face in our fast-paced life. The amazing thing I have found with yoga, is that yoga will meet you wherever you are”

“Self knowledge is the basis of true knowledge” Pert Em Heru


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