Ursula Margharita

Vejer de la Frontera Cádiz
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Hello, I am not the typical Yoga teacher. As a Dancer and Somatic Movement Specialist, Yoga-, Body- and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, I like to explore movement beyond method and style and investigate into the nature of creation, by listening and allowing movement to be.
My focus is to refine the perception of our subtle body through becoming aware of the connecting fields and the flow of motion within, especially the spine and its connection with the nervous system.
My interest lays in creating wholeness, spaciousness and restfulness, through allowing body intelligence to guide me, rather than acting up on a willful desired outcome. Push,pull and squeeze are not an option.
Alignment lays more in the inner sense of our multi-dimensionality where gravity is my best friend for grounding and breath is pure space and open awareness.
I believe in the roots of listening and developing open space awareness to create a sense of love and kindness within and grow towards the so needed power of togetherness.
I enjoy sharing my experience as a Yoga and Movement teacher, Body-worker and Therapist on a 1 to 1 base as well as in group settings, such as special events, seminars, retreats and gatherings. I am no good in doing it all by myself. So, if you are looking for a co-creator, sister in crime, teacher, therapist or facilitator and you’re drawn to what I say, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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