Ursula Olafisoye

St James

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I started my yoga journey years ago whilst I was searching for a way to get and stay fit whilst giving me a more holistic approach; yoga proved to be that, and so much more than I bargained for – it changed my whole way of life!

I trained with some inspiring and influential teachers: Tim Steel my crazy Zen guru who bent my mind and body into shape and freed them! Zoe Knott, who is well renowned in the BWY (British wheel of Yoga); who can break down a posture and build it back up with a million pieces so you feel grounded in strength and flexibility, and the wonderful Bob Insley who taught me ‘how’ to teach yoga, a skill he has honed to perfection!

My style of yoga is predominately Hatha Yoga but grounded with so many elements of the dynamic Ashtanga practice, lightened with laughter & play!

In 2009 I started my own yoga classes in Kent, England, teaching groups, privately one-to-ones and at a Holistic gym, finally moving into Corporate Yoga, teaching at one of Britain’s largest pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline.

The lasso of Love brought me to the beautiful island of Barbados, I got married in Nov 2012 to my perfect soul partner. I now teach yoga outside with the warmth of the sun on your skin, a cooling sea breeze all around and the sound of the ocean to open your senses to the depth of your soul…

I look forward to continuing my yoga and life story, with the beautiful backdrop of the Caribbean Sea!


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