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Facilitating laughter exercises is fantastic fun. Since I was trained and certified as a teacher of Laughter Yoga by the founder of this worldwide movement, Dr. Madan Kataria, in India, my life changed. Seeing people crack up and becoming playful makes me happy. My mission is to spread more and more joy.
Laughter Yoga releases stress and revitalizes. It's a very beneficial workout for body mind and soul. As Laughter Yogis we feel we make a contribution to world peace: "If you laugh you change, if you change the whole world changes."
I give a regular class in "On the Mat Studio" and integrate Laughter Yoga in retreats, workshops and team building events. I am a certified Life Coach and Corporate Executive Coach.
Because stress causes over 90% of all diseases my passion is to spread awareness of stress management and resilience. I deeply believe that joy is the most important feeling in life leading to good health and any form of success.


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