Valarie Booth

Mentone, CA
United States
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Hey there! I'm Valarie.

I'm a full-time yoga instructor (200-hr E-RYT). I teach many different styles of yoga: power, vinyasa flow, meditation, restorative, beginner, gentle, advanced, yin yoga, children's yoga, chair yoga, yoga for seniors, private lessons, workshops, etc.
What does this mean? It means yoga is for everyone.

Personal stuff: I used to work in marketing, doing a job that didn't suit me. In fact, I was completely unhappy and I felt as though my personality was changing because of it. That's when I knew I had to make a change.
Yoga was the one thing that was keeping me sane, so while I was working in the corporate world and working towards my master's in business degree, I also began taking my 200-hour teacher-training course. I fell in love.
I was lucky enough to land teaching jobs on the side during my training and I realized that this is what I needed to do. It took time, courage, and a game plan, but after a year, I finished my MBA, left the company, went to India for a bit, then came back and began teaching full-time. I have never looked back.

I absolutely love my 'job' because of my students. I love seeing them surprise themselves and I love watching their progression.

One thing I wish all people knew about yoga: you do not need to be in a 'great' state of health to start practicing. Age, size, injury, etc., there's a place to start for anyone.
AND-- You do not have to be flexible to practice yoga!!!! I always hear that. I'm a pretty easy-going person, but I will admit that hearing that is a bit of a pet-peeve. Can you breathe? Then you can practice yoga.
There's actually a quote about it: “Saying you’re not flexible enough for yoga is like saying you’re too dirty to take a bath.” (anonymous)

Reach out to me! Let's chat.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

11 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Valarie is a healer <3

I so appreciate all that I have learned from Valarie -- in both the physical and the spiritual. Her joy is delightful and to be near her is to absorb the powerful, positive energy she radiates. For a beginner such as myself she is patient and encouraging. She has grounded me on my path in this journey with yoga. I am grateful to have experienced this beautiful being.

Valarie BoothJune 28, 2017

Oh my gosh, Jessica!
This review made my day. Thanks so much for your kind words. I hope is going well with you! Much love!

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Best person and yoga teacher ever!

Valarie is such a great person and an awesome yoga teacher! She really cares about her students and keeps the classes fun and engaging. There is a lot of laughter, but also challenges in her class. I highly recommend taking a yoga class with Valarie!!

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Radiant Energy

Valarie's energy is amazing. How she instructs is very thorough but yet enlightening. When holding a pose and she knows is hard to maintain she adds joy and laughter that in that moment makes you forget how uncomfortable you once were. It is a pleasure to have her as one of our teachers

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best yoga instructor

val makes her classes for any type of yogi (beginner-advanced). she makes them entertaining and spiritual at the same time. she's really friendly and her classes are welcoming. I always enjoy her classes and highly recommend her :)

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Valarie is a great yoga instructor. Her classes are great for any student level. The rotations are adaptable to any level from beginning to advanced. She gives plenty of time for advancement. She offers a variety of options to ensure you get the most out the classes. She is always fun and extremely friendly. Highly recommend to everyone!

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She is my inspiration!

Valarie plays a huge role in my yoga journey, by showing me the beauty and benefits of it. I have never met anyone as dedicated and inspired by what they so as Valarie is.
She is a natural educator and makes everything interesting, fun and deep. The classes could be challenging, but let yourself be inspired rather than intimidated.


Valarie has a very unique and joyful attitude in her practice that lights up the room and you know you won't leave her class without getting some good laughs.
I always look forward to her class - in this busy, non-stop life an hour of her practice helps me let go of worries,remove mental and physical blocks, I become mindful of my body and heart, I start listening to my soul. I am left with a natural state of peace and unity.
Extremely grateful to have met you Valarie!

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I can't say enough

I am very blessed to have found Valerie, she is amazing she doesn't push anyone past their comfort zone yet she encourages you to go as far as you can. I am just getting medical clearance to work out again after two and a half years battling cancer, and I will say that I was very nervous taking yoga, what if I couldn't do it it had been so long...


And valarie is amazing she explained everything and let me know it was ok to rest in "child's pose if I needed to" I look forward to class and she is the reason why!! Also my grandma who is 74 is takin her class and loving it, also she has done children's classes for us at pacific top team and she is amazing with the kids also!!! Not enough words to say how wonderful, dedicated, and amazing she is class is so fun!!! Thank you!!!

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Amazing Yoga instructor

I've done yoga before and I really love Val's style of instructing. She does a great job of helping you feel comfortable emotionally and spiritually. She is a wonderfully balanced way of instructing where she gives students the instruction and motivation they need in a very zen way. I am super relaxed and limber at the end of class. I would highly recommend her for both beginner and advanced yogis. She will help you fall in love with yoga!

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Less than a year ago, me and my brothers made a spur of the moment decision to take a yoga class at our gym that Valarie happened to be teaching. It was my first yoga class so I didn't know what to expect but Valarie set the class in very calm, inviting mood which was great for a first timer like me. She started the class off rather slow, which she explains is for you to get acclimated for the more difficult poses that were to come.


Like I said, the beginning moves were rather easy and simple but as the class went on, the difficulty of the poses got harder as well and I mean REALLY HARD. Regardless, throughout the class Valarie was there to encourage us to do our best and to not be afraid get back up if your attempt at an asana wasn't as successful as you wanted it to be. If I you found an asana too difficult or too painful she was quick to demonstrate and suggest alternate poses. If a pose was too easy for you, she is also there to offer alternative poses that would push you to your next level. Her class is very structured and organized which is always something to appreciate. She has the voice of a cherub so that helps a lot when you're trying to get focused on your yoga poses. Fast forward to almost a year later, I've taken many classes from several other yoga instructors but I've always found myself wanting to take Valarie's classes due to having an excellent balance of physicality, energy, spirituality,and instruction quality. You can clearly tell that Valarie loves what she's does and this impacts the quality her class which is ALWAYS packed it's best to come to them significantly early. :3

Thank you Valarie for introducing me to the beauty of yoga. :)

Valarie BoothMarch 25, 2016

You made my day. Thank you SO much for the review and thank you for taking me with you on your yogic journey. <3

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My absolute favorite instructor

Although her practice is newer compared to other instructors I've experienced, She far exceeds what I've experienced from other trainers. Besides being the sweetest, friendliest person I've ever met, She still manages to be assertive and confident enough to push your personal limits. She is well balanced in her teaching, in such a way that she physically demonstrates what we are going to do but also verbally and precisely explains what we should feel.


In every class with her, She almost intuitively knows what we need and pairs flows accordingly. Although she tries to stretch our comfort zones and abilities, She is also is sure to explain how much is too far and what not to do to injure ourselves. The practice is usually fast paced and physical, focusing on strength, balance and breath. She is very knowledgeable of spiritual application which is sometimes addressed, but not in an uncomfortable way, more of an educational personal use basis. I have never felt more comfortable or more personal growth with any other person. Her classes have become the highlight of my week.

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Yoga with Valarie is a must!

I have taken quite a few yoga classes with other teachers, but Valarie is my favorite. I get a little bit of everything in her classes. She teaches and explains the yoga principles and positions and what they do for you. She gives you lots of support and helps you get to your goal in the harder positions. She demonstrates the moves herself to give you confidence to do it yourself. Top of the line teacher!

Valarie BoothMarch 25, 2016
Mr. Cuda!

Thank you for your kind words! That means so much.