Valentina Silvestri

Venice VE

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I was born, grew up, and was formed through Yoga and a healthy style of life; I am thereby an herbalist and naturopath.
I practiced yoga under the guidance of my father Radames Silvestri, disciple of Iyengar and founder of the first yoga center in Venice; continuing my training for years and beginning to teach in 1993.
I further deepened Ashtanga Yoga practice and AcroYoga.

I offer my experience to people who have the intention to get closer to themselves through yoga, breathing, meditation and natural lifestyle.
I believe that I can give my contribution by sharing these tools, to improve the interpersonal relationship -- with the body, the emotions and thoughts --, the relationship with others and the interaction with the rest of the world.

I offer yoga classes (private or group) workshop and retreats.


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