Valeria Panseri


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M yoga practice and my yoga classes come from an ensemble and evolution of styles learned and practiced over 15 years all over Asia and Europe.
My Hatha classes are based on foundation and alignment and they provide different insights to the postures and the emotions coming within.
With focus on Yoga Therapy and Yoga healing techniques, my Core Energy Flow classes are a fast challenging sequence of movements, focused on arm balancing and core postures that leave the students with an open heart and a toned body. My Meridian Yin Yoga workshops focus on the emotional and physical stimulation of the body Chinese meridians through holding the postures for a long time and triggering the unbalances of the organs and energies in the body.
My Kids yoga classes are fun and based on games, stories, music and cool postures.
I always try to let the students guide me through the classes as a continuous inspiration and challenge.


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