Valerie Goodman

Brentwood, TN
United States
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"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." ~Anais Nin

Strength, mindfulness, conscious breathing, anatomy/energy knowledge and sparks of inspiration are key elements I use to construct a practice. Yoga is not how far you move, but what you move. Physical changes collaborate with mental changes. Living beyond the mat expands in proportion to your practice.

Specialize in Thai and customized yoga for private clients seeking holistic wellness. I have had the pleasure to witness wellbeing emerge from clients with cancer, MS, migraines, aging challenges, and more. It’s an alchemy of trust, knowledge, intuition and love.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

11 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
I love Val!

I have been yoga practitioner for about 6 years and Val was one of my first instructors. I have since become a yoga instructor myself and look forward to her classes each week. I have taken part in two of her local retreats and have enjoyed each one. What else can I say? I love Val!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Val is an amazing yogi and yoga instructor. She's been practicing for 10+ years. If you've never practiced yoga or if you're a seasoned yogi, you need to practice with Val. She's patient, kind and extremely knowledgable. I love, love her. You will too.

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A True Teacher

As a certified yoga teacher myself, I like to reflect on the methods of others. I have practiced with Val a few times now, and always walk out feeling lifted and inspired.


Walking in, the first thing I see is her smile that communicates peace, comfort, and happiness. As we settled into the first practice a few months back, I quickly realized she is highly educated (later finding out she holds many advanced credentials). Val thoroughly guides us through postures in order to maintain proper alignment and safety. She demonstrates when needed, and explains poses crisply to ensure her students have clarity on every move. I think the best part is the authentic and inspiring words she has throughout the practice. She is a True yogi at heart, and fortunately communicates the ancient Himalayan wisdom with modern 21st language and understanding. I can tell she tailors the class to the needs of the students, able to teach to the proper level on the spectrum from fundamental-to-advanced.

I have also received Thai massages from her, in which she is trained and licensed. One can instantly understand her energy from the touch of her hands. I feel very, very safe with her - and walk out with what feels like a new body.

Val is a calming light to everyone she interacts with, and seems to be getting younger with every day that goes by.

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Valerie is such a wonderful instructor. I have been practicing yoga off and on with Val for 10 years and she is so focused on growing herself- even though she is already a teacher of extremely high caliber. She is one of the greats, and her kindness, generosity, and support help so many people. Val not only helps the physical, but she also helps her students tap into their spiritual and emotional well being. I love Val, and her love for yoga is contagious in the best way possible.

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Total Package....Mind, Body & Spirit!

I have been practicing yoga with Val for several years and absolutely love her teaching style. She creates fun while focusing on mind, body and spirit. Val challenges herself to continue learning and always brings a freshness to each class with new poses, personal edges, inspirational music and motivational readings. Val has many years of experience and is able to provide a great practice for any level student. She reminds us often to have a sense of humor and not take life so of the many great gifts she has shared! Thanks Val for being a joy to learn from and an inspiration to us all!

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Val is great

Love Val's instruction. Great variety of poses. Assistance when needed. Great fun learning back bend and love when she comes around during final relaxation to rub temples or dab a little oil on the forehead. Super.

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A Wholistic Yoga Experience

I take 3 yoga classes weekly, all from different instructors, all of whom have different strengths, but Val is the instructor from whom I learn the most. Every class has new elements while still providing continuity. I love the variety, from postures to breathing techniques. She is positive and encouraging to students of all ages and levels. She gets to know her students.


Her instructions and demonstrations are precise, oriented both to safety and student awareness of every aspect of a posture. She shares readings and music that make each class a wholistic experience. She pursues further yoga instruction herself, always growing as a student and teacher. My class with Val is 8:30 on a Saturday morning and I never want to miss it. --J Rosemergy

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Fabulous Yoga for Mind, Body & Spirit

Val's classes have a wonderful combination of strengthening postures and relaxation. She not only nurtures the physical, but also the spiritual with words of wisdom from the ages. I leave Val's class feeling centered and stronger. Val leads a beautiful practice.

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Valerie has been a Godsend as I proceed through the all the treatments for breast cancer. As a private client I am deeply grateful for the breakthroughs in my being: physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Her Thai yoga brought me through the days when I was too weak from chemo to hold the positions. She researched my condition, found and implemented the practices that would best prepare me for surgery. Again, I will always be grateful for all the productive guidance she has provided.

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Val is AWESOME!!!!! very kind , patient, and informative. I am a beginner to Yoga, but I take it very seriously. Not only does she patiently take us thru our moves but she takes the time to explain why we are doing them and what they mean to our practice. Love her energy, Love her sprit, Love her class... Would recommend her class to ANYONE...

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Valerie is the best!!

I have learned so much from Valerie. Not only about yoga but also she is inspirational in her sharing of information, reading, and mind-body connection She has such energy!!! She is always learning so she has exciting things to share with her students.