Valerie Moselle

Santa Cruz, CA
United States
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I began teaching yoga in 2001 and have been a devoted student of the practice for over 20 years. I am an Experienced Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher (E-RYT500) with an additional emphasis in Prenatal Yoga (RPYT). My classes are thoughtfully designed, and encourage an individualized exploration of yoga postures with breath awareness as the primary focus. I have lived and studied yoga in Southern California, India, and San Francisco. I now live in Santa Cruz with my husband Nick, and daughters Poppy and Amma, where I co-founded Luma Yoga and Family Center. My idea for the center sprang from a desire to integrate family life with personal health and wellbeing. The center serves individuals of all ages and honors that the peace and wellbeing we seek through yoga can be accessed through quiet and solitude, but also through a vibrant and diverse community. Prior to opening Luma where I currently teach, I taught in Santa Monica, San Francisco, Berkeley, and at Nourish in Santa Cruz.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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Thank you Valerie!

Yoga is not a fixed, stagnant system, a practice of absolute truths. It is a living, breathing, evolving entity from which we can learn about our selves, our relationships, our history, our world.


And Valerie’s training is not about simply passing on these regurgitated “truths”. It is about inquiry, examination, discourse, and exploration of the holistic view of what we practice, Modern Postural Yoga. It is from a place of deep reverence for + love of the practice that Valerie introduces essential, yet revolutionary, concepts such as: what is your body doing in asana and what are the limits, why has modern postural yoga swept across the country, how can yoga be an agent for transformation, and, maybe most importantly, what is yoga anyway?

As a teacher of public yoga classes, she has taught me to breathe, the importance of maintaining a strong yogic community, how to strengthen myself physically + mentally and how to connect to myself emotionally. As my mentor, she has introduced me to diverse perspectives + texts, engaged in countless provocative conversations and continues to encourage me to find my voice in it all.

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Alignment-based yoga with a spiritual flavor!

I have been taking yoga classes from Valerie since Luma opened, and I've been learning yoga for over 10 years. My yoga practiced has both deepened and blossomed under her expert teaching. Her style actually reminds me of the amazing yoga classes my husband and I went to in Bali on our honeymoon - slow but challenging, focused yet fun, and always with a fulfilling spiritual flavor.


I also really appreciate how she pays attention to each of our individual alignments and offer corrections and improvements when she sees the opportunities.

Thank you for being so dedicated to your craft, Valerie, and thank you for opening a healing space like Luma! It's making a difference in our community and in my life.

(And for the record, I don't have kids and I still go here - it's not just for parents!)

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Skilled Energy Mover

Valerie has a special way of teaching the dynamics of breath that charge her classes with spiritual energy. Her sequences are artfully connected and her classes leave me feeling grounded, powerful and energized. She speaks clearly and provides verbal and hands-on cues that help bring greater awareness and presence to my practice.

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From Valerie Moselle I learned how to breathe…I mean really breathe. That luxurious, long sort of inhalation that one can move to various parts of the body at will. Prior to my work with Valerie, I think I must have been holding my breath. One day she walked up to me and whispered, “Breathe”. And she repeated that to me, quietly, every so often, throughout class that day. The difference was epic.


After that, she and I worked together on breath, just a couple of minutes before or after class, and it has made a huge impact on my overall well-being as well as my yoga practice. That’s what makes Valerie my favorite yoga teacher, and the person I refer to as “my teacher”, the fact that she notices all of those seemingly small things, and addresses them at just the time that you are ready to take that information in and use it.
I have practiced yoga consistently for about four years. Six months into my practice I had the good fortune to stumble across Valerie’s class, and from that moment on have considered her my teacher regardless of which instructors’ classes I attend. The reason is simply that her philosophy on yoga and life make sense. Valerie is all about safety within one’s own body. She repeatedly says, “I was born in a floppy body”, and she encourages her students to acknowledge their own body type and adapt their practice to that. Throughout class, Valerie observes closely, then gently adjusts and lets students know what might work better in that position for their body type. Sometimes this is very intricate, and only pertains to that person, so she works with them quietly so as not to confuse the rest of the class. These small adjustments have really made a difference for me. Her flows are deliberate and begin slowly, then students are encouraged to move with their own breath.
Valerie also reminds students, even in the more advanced classes, to breathe, and once she gets us into a pose she talks us through the little things that are easy to let go of in order to stay in a pose. Explanations of these micro-adjustments often don’t make sense to me in other instructors’ classes. In my experience, Valerie is the perfect blend as a yoga teacher, offering both an excellent work out and, more importantly, a spiritual experience that comes across as authentic. One thing about Valerie that, as a former English Teacher, I truly admire, is how everything within a class relates. She begins class with certain poses that will prepare us for where she is going, so by the end of the class it’s very clear that one pose done on the floor is exactly the same as a standing pose later… “Remember how it felt when you were lying down, pressing your foot to the wall? Now that you’re standing, recreate that same action with the foot pushing on the floor and raise yourself up from the rib cage.” It’s a beautiful thing!
I have continued with yoga primarily because of Valerie. Her positive energy and accepting demeanor helps me re-commit to the practice each time I attend one of her classes. While doing other classes, I hear her voice in my head! She’s approachable and knowledgeable, and always willing to work one on one for a few minutes after class, or recommend a great book about yoga. She is really an inspiration to me.

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I stumbled into Valerie’s classes over 4 years ago when I was in a very transitional state within body. Moving from my body feeling like my ultimate enemy as an overweight and uncomfortable young person, to my body being a cycling machine, Valerie encouraged me to incorporate ease and acceptance in a way I had never considered.


Her teaching emphasizes the revolutionary idea that all bodies are different and encourages the development of a deep inner literacy of our unique physical, spiritual and energetic bodies. Valerie helps to cultivate this literacy though a constant emphasis on breath while teaching about the mechanical anatomical body and the flow if chi/prana/energy. Being in the world, tackling the day to day feels better through this practice. I feel more equipped to handle my physical and customer service heavy job and the ups and downs of being an emotional creature due to my time in Valerie’s classes. Thank you!

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Grateful for Such a Gem

I have been practicing exclusively under the tutelage of Valerie for almost two solid years now. I feel very fortunate to have found her. My practice has improved in leaps and bounds since discovering her. She had the patience and persistence to do what no other teacher ever took the time to do- to teach me proper Ujjayi Pranayama (breathing), and how to correctly hold my rib cage and stomach during asana practice. Her time and care has made a world of difference for me! I also appreciate the amount of time that she dedicates to educating her class about the flow of prana (energy). She is painstakingly serious, but at the same time is an easy going and light hearted teacher. She makes me love yoga.

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Valerie is the embodiment of Yoga

I have been studying with Valerie since she began teaching in Santa Cruz, and during the first class I had with her, I was immediately struck by her gentle, but strong presence, her extensive knowledge about the body, and her spiritual wisdom. She is "the real deal!" As a professional modern dancer, who started practicing yoga in 1973, I have encountered many yoga teachers over the years. Valerie is among the top.


Her descriptions about feeling and exploring the asanas are insightful and extremely helpful. Her knowledge about anatomy and physiology is extensive, and she is able to impart it in a very understandable and informative way. Her knowledge of the spiritual realm of yoga is likewise impactful, and that is what I love the most about her classes - there is a full integration of emphasis on body, mind, and spirit.
Of all the teachers I've studied with in Santa Cruz, Valerie is by far the best!

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Highly gifted yoga teacher

I have been taking vinyasa yoga classes with Valerie for four years. From the very beginning, I realized how lucky I was to have found such a gifted teacher. I always feel very balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually after a class with Valerie. She has a unique gift for explaining the physical sensations associated with finding your balance in any pose. Her classes are very safe in every way, and she is great about helping each student find his or her edge without risking injury.


I love the way that she incorporates the spiritual insights from the sutras into her classes, and relates wisdom form the experience of finding and holding poses into life off the mat. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Valerie as one of the consistently best yoga teachers I have ever had.