Valerie Saier

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I am an experienced & passionated Yoga teacher.
Yoga, for me, is so much more than a simple physical practice, it is a way to find our inner power, strength and balance by making us more aware of what we may perceive but can not see or touch. It is a way to learn to align our thoughts, with our heart and soul and our worlds and actions. It is a way to connect with what is the most precious in you.
In todays societies we are taught: "how to do things." with Yoga you learn: "how to be."


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

9 Reviews

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Best Teacher and Unique Person!

Valerie Saier is one of the best teacher I have ever met, but most important one of the most unique persons. She, with her sweet voice, made me get in love with Yoga Nidra. Also has very good knowledge on how to help people get through fears and other problems might have.
She makes you feel better, understand you and tells you the words you want to hear and the words will help you in every problem so as to come through.

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She is of those rare teachers that you feel that words are not important, her energy is all over, shining on her students. She explains everything in plain words and she is very protective. At the end of the lessons you have a big smile on your face.

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My respect and love to a dearest teacher

Thank u VALERIE for your help to my body health , and the new mind perspective you gave me from your heart!

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I met Valerie in Athens at my first attempts in my life to practice yoga. I'm feeling greatly lucky as she was the most appropriate person to explain, to guide, to provide advice in a friendly and simple but professional way as well. Now, that I moved to Brussels, I miss her a lot but I'm sure that we'll meet again. I'm still practicing yoga and I'm always thinking of her advices and her positive energy.

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Valerie is an inspired and considerate teacher who brings to her teaching her love of people and self development and her open mind. I feel lucky I started my yoga training with a teacher who brings together so many human qualities and such a deep knowledge of the connection of body and soul.

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An experience' s worth sharing

It has been and still is a sheer pleasure for me to participate in Valerie's yoga sessions. Really inspiring and uplifting experience.

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Amazing experience.

My experiences with Valerie as a teacher are the very best. Every lesson is a journey within every student's unique world. Tips of wisdom within words of body adjustments.. Leaving every class every time with emotions such as fullness, happiness and of course feeling again kid, innocent, enthusiastic about life and Yoga. I am very happy i met Valerie in my journey to this World.

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She is perfect not only as a yoga teacher but also as a person. She is very spiritual and experienced.

Valerie SaierJanuary 19, 2017

Thanks Aggeliki for your touching review, I am glad too to have met you and hope we will meet soon. Love!

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soulful teaching

Valerie has one of the most special touches I have ever encountered with her teaching and guiding my yoga practices. She focuses on body and spirit equally, giving you the right tools to grow your respect, love, compassion and understanding of your body through yoga.