Van Nguyen Tran

Torquay 3228 VIC
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I am from Vietnam, got a scholarship from Australia at 17.5 to study electronics engineering. The study stress in the first year forced me to study yoga meditation to overcome the problem. I introduced active mind yoga meditation to get the mind active by command. It worked better than regular meditation. One does not seat and wait for the mind to quieten down. I help students get good marks, good degrees, excellent post-graduate degrees. They all get good jobs and enjoy a happy and young life virtually forever. They dare to dream and succeed. They take up challenges and win thanks to the meditation. With meditation, they have good jobs, a good life, and good families. I help the seniors with my meditation and they love it. I love to help the young generation. My meditation will enable them to change the world, will enable them to bring peace and rationality back to the world. Peace and Love are needed. War and fighting should be buried for good! I like YogaTrail. It is an excellent movement. I like the YT team and the assistance of Alex and Iman. I don't have much money to spend. I was high up in the academic rank before I retired. I graduated as a trainer in the success principles of Jack Canfield. That is why I am broke. I am helping the Vietnamese to catch up after a long and useless war. I sleep well thanks to the meditation and the fact that I can help the young generation to do meditation to make their brains smarter and their minds full of insights, bright ideas, creativity, and innovation. I also help the seniors too. The meditation trains them in proper breathing and low impact yoga to exercise every muscles in their body, they recover their vitality and youthfulness.
It is a great challenge for you to take up what I have to offer in the active mind meditation. You will regret it if you ignore this excellent opportunity. The environment of the world is too polluted to live a good and long life. Meditation will assist the natural progression with the rectification of all the wrongdoing. Evolutionary correction is too slow. The humankind should take up meditation to help themselves.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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