Vanessa Fleming

Norfolk, VA
United States
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Vanessa Fleming, E-RYT200, began her yoga journey in 2007 New York City after battling a lot of anxiety and stress around her career. In 2011, she took the leap into becoming a teacher. In 2013, Vanessa broke away from her mold known as the office chair, and headed for Asia and Europe, where her yoga practice grew beyond the asanas, into a spiritual and inspirational empowerment from a variety of sources around the world.

Since then, Vanessa has found the Yin to her Yang - quite literally. She absolutely loves a good Vinyasa, but continued her studies and became more fascinated by the power of quiet practice. Meditation, yin, and intuition are currently what’s driving Vanessa’s practice for herself, and how she’s infusing it with her teachings. She studies Thai Massage under Thai healer, Pichest Boonthumme, to help this practice and her offerings grow even more.

Her intentions have brought her many wonderful opportunities - teaching in Croatia, Morocco, Thailand, and Laos. When not on her mat, you can find Vanessa surfing, snowboarding, dancing, or being very loud with laughter, even as tiny as she is.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Yoga is more than the physical...

It's about the spiritual practice that asanas prepares you for. I'd heard this before, but it's not always practiced by many yoga instructors. Like any spiritual practice, yoga filters into your lifestyle to help you lead a more fulfilling, enriching and happy life.

Thank you Vanessa, for showing me that :)