Vanessa Graham

East Sussex
United Kingdom

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I would first and foremost describe myself as a meditation teacher, having done this for the past twelve years. I met my guru twenty years ago when he used to give talks at the Patanjali Yoga Centre in Battle (Sri Indra the Swami has since passed away).
My guru is a Sanskrit scholar of 45 years standing and is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom. Two of his teachers were Swami Rama and Shankaracharya Shantanand Sarasvati. It has been with his guidance I can study the ancient teachings, which were originally an oral tradition but written down 5,000 years ago. They have been tried and tested over this time and are just as relevant for everyday living today. It is all about connecting to these, not seeing them as a dry academic study. What I teach is what I have learnt from these teachings; it is experiential and this is what I encourage my students to do, not just sit back and listen.
I am 65 years old and discovered yoga 35 years ago, after the difficult birth of my son and looking to improve my health. I later trained to be a meditation and Hatha yoga teacher in Spain and Argentina, at the same time becoming a Reiki Master. My interest in health has prevailed, using Yoga and Qi Gong in my self-healing classes, where the focus is on uniting mind, body and spirit back to wholeness.
I have attended many workshops over the years to enhance my knowledge and understanding; in particular a comprehensive Yoga Anatomy Course. I find it fascinating using yoga with the body from inside out. I encompass all the systems of the body - immune, endocrine etc. in my yoga and self-healing classes. I am continually updating my knowledge of current health issues with Future Learn courses cancer, dementia etc.
My new venture this year is sharing my knowledge of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras and showing how they can be used to improve well being, as well as discovering the deeper aspects of your Self.


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