Vanessa Mun Yee Leong

Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

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It's been a life transforming journey ever since I picked up yoga. Yoga is not a fad, hobby or how much you can twist - Yoga is a way of life.
A successful yoga teacher is to be able to raise the level of the student : the level of physical health and mental health. One should not merely gain liberation from diseases but also should gain liberation from bondage and vagaries of mind. I have changed to be a better, happier person through Kundalini Kriya yoga through the guidance of my guru , Master Mani, founder of Mayi Yoga Academy/ Malaysian Association of Yoga Intructors .
I am currently teaching at Mayi Yoga Academy and wish to share the essence yoga to all. I am a cheerful, motivated certified yoga instructor and a consultant and will be glad to help you choose the most suitable yoga practice for you.


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