Vanessa Vella

Toronto, ON

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Hi there! My journey to yoga started with needing to stretch and blossomed into a much deeper experience of personal transformation. My style of teaching is cross disciplinary - I help my students develop their very own yoga practice.

With clear guidance around the alignment of your body, you will learn to let your intuition guide you, trust yourself and tap into the wisdom you already have.

My background is in functional exercise and I am very comfortable working with injuries or limitations, and incorporating therapeutics into your practice to help you release tension, avoid pain and increase your enjoyment of practicing yoga. I am experienced in working with beginners.

You won't find yourself doing a handstand with me - we will build a strong foundation and work up from there, at your own pace. Together we will work on breathing deeply, relaxing fully and cultivating mindfulness that will extend into your life off the mat.

I spend most of my time working as a Life Coach. In particular, I help people change their mindsets, learn self-compassion and positive self-talk and develop a more positive relationship with their body. I love to combine life coaching and yoga together.

I work online or in your home.

If this approach resonates with you, let's connect!


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