Vanessa Vujovic

Toronto, ON

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Vanessa is a Movement Artist, here to help you increase the efficiency of your body, motivate you to push through your boundaries, and infuse you with positivity and encouragement as you achieve your health & fitness goals.

Vanessa has enjoyed, experienced and been healed by many different types of movement throughout her life. Having been a dancer for 12 years, a group fitness instructor for 2 years, and an avid yoga practitioner for 5 years before deciding to obtain her Yoga Teacher Certification and combine all of her favourite types of movement to be practiced on a yoga mat. Vanessa's teachings are influenced by all of the above, and personalized for each client based on their goals, preferences and history.

Vanessa firmly believes that moving your body is essential to attaining a clear mind. Through personalized classes, Vanessa's aim is to help you build a newfound love and respect for your body as it shows you what it's capable of, reacquaint you with your body's incredible healing abilities and remind you that you're more powerful and graceful than you think. As you build a relationship and commitment to yourself and your wellbeing, your life will start to unfold in your highest favour. Accomplishments on your mat translate to accomplishments in your life. Choose to take it all the way.

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