Vanessa Wilson

Edmonton, AB

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My personal practice of yoga was inspired initially for wellness as a Massage Therapist and met my passion for dance as an equal. Traveling to Thailand for Traditional Thai massage opened my heart and humbled my soul. This began a journey into eastern philosophy of Buddhism and Taoism drawing my understanding deeper into Yogic ways with the practice of Mindfulness. My true dedication of my Yoga practice has been on going for the last 9+ years. The power of yoga soon became clear and true. I took my teacher training in 2010 at Prana Yoga Studio in Edmonton (200-Hour Akhanda Yoga-Holistic Hatha). I was grateful for this time to deepen my practice and expand my abilities to serve, taught by an amazing group of Teachers with their transparency and open hearts I evolved deeper into my Truth. I have continued my learning with courses in Yoga Therapy, assisting/adjustments and meditation. The practice of Yoga is like no other. Turning the light on within, strengthening and balancing the body system and finding your way home to your true self is a gift all can benefit from. Teaching this ancient but scientific creativity to live in the present moment continues to open my heart and surrender to the Thank you!!


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