Vanessa Wolff

Rozelle NSW

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Vanessa discovered Yoga 7 years ago, while looking for a way to escape the stresses of corporate life. Having trained as a dancer she was drawn in by the rhythmic movement of Vinyasa but stayed for the space the practice gave her to slow down, experience a deeper connection to herself and be more present to life.

Witnessing her own transformation through Yoga inspired her on her teaching path, with the intention of sharing this empowering practice to offer her students an opportunity to experience their own transformational journey.

Initially training here in Sydney, she has since explored Yoga with many local and international teachers such as Nicole Walsh, Melanie Mclaughlin, Sarah Powers, Shiva Rea, Tara Judelle and Ana Davis and continues to draw inspiration from her regular practice and her mentors.

Vanessa is passionate about supporting you to realign to your natural flow, offering space for you to explore the physical and energetic shifts from your practice with self inquiry, kindness and compassion. Balancing stillness and the subtle practices of breath and meditation with more dynamic movement, Vanessa's classes bring a balance of strength and softness, inviting you to discover freedom physically and mentally and take this into life off the mat.

Vanessa teaches Vinyasa and Yin, and supports women throughout their pregnancy journey as a Fertility, Pre and Postnatal Yoga teacher. She takes her practice off the mat as a Food and Nutrition Coach, Writer, Dancer and Volunteer for charity A Sound Life - teaching Yoga to teens with Mental Illness (including Eating Disorders) in Sydney Hospitals. Vanessa is also an ‘Embody Love Movement’ trained facilitator, and inspires women and girls to embrace their inner beauty, and practice kindness towards themselves and others.


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