Vania Ybarra

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It's 15+ years I practice yoga. As a teenager I was introduced to this discipline by my mother, a hatha yoga teacher.

As an LTCL in Speech & Drama I have worked for several years in the creative field as a theatre-maker. My personal training and that of the performers of my theatre-dance company was exclusively based on yoga.

My yoga research spans from a formally codified approach to an intuitive free holistic wave.
A blend of love and respect for the Ashtanga vinyasa yoga tradition and an intense curiosity for any aspect of physical disciplines that might open to unexpected paths.

My students describe my lessons as a gentle but at the same time assertive guidance into self-awareness and the overcoming of limits through a deep connection with breath, flexibility and energy.

My desire is to be in contact with enthusiastic people who are open and committed to learning, applying and sharing knowledge in ways that enrich the comprehension of the human experience.


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