Vanille Simeon


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After exploring a variety of practices focusing on body language and self-expression through movement – contemporary dance, biodanza, –, I fell in love with Yoga about 15 years ago.

Captivated by the therapeutic and empowering experience of mindfulness, I quickly got hooked to the creativity of Vinyasa Flows, primarily focusing on postural alignments and breath to movement synchronisations.

I slowly but surely left behind my career as an Art Events Organiser to train as a Yoga Teacher and a Massage Therapist, including the beautiful depths of YIN meditative long-holds along the way.

My last breakthrough in date? Partner Acrobatics and Acroyoga; I hadn't imagined playing would teach me so much about Being!

The diversity of my practice and my teaching methods now focus on developing a joyful and safe space for explorations, where movements, touch and breath blend to nurture body awareness, personal development and community feeling.

One simple direction: the power of care, intuition and creativity to induce powerful and peaceful transformations.

Upcoming event: Mindful Moves Yoga Retreat, 6-12 August 2017
Upcoming workshops around Europe:

- DGI Nordkraft, Fitness World and Aalborg Yoga Studio, Aalborg, Denmark
- Resident Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist at The Barefoot EcoLodge, Hanimadhoo, Maldives
- Yoga & Acrobatics immersion ‘Nurturing Intuition through Yoga’, France
- Yoga & Acroyoga retreat ‘The Diversity of Yoga’, France
- Resident Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist at Angkor Zen Gardens Yoga & Meditation Center, Siem Reap, Cambodia
- Volunteer Massage Therapist at Le Phare, Circus Company, Siem Reap, Cambodia


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