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I am a 29 years old, hard-working yet relaxed, outgoing and happy german girl and also a certified Hatha/Vinyasa Yogateacher who is currently freelancing as Yogateacher and Massage/Wellness Therapist in Berlin. Furthermore i am a Dynamic Fascial Yoga instructor and in March 2017 i accomplished a 100h Yin Fascial Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training on Bali with Beta Lisboa.


In Spring 2015 i volunteered at the Yoga/Surf "Peace Retreat" with Kevin McQuillan in Costa Rica which was so amazing that it made me want to be a yogateacher and travel the world. My duties included maintaining his social media presences (writing posts, taking pictures etc.) and looking after the guests (socializing, entertainment, cooking, service) - which i both liked a lot.

In my earlier phases i practiced quiet a lot of yoga (since 7 years), studied Sociology () and worked as a freelancer for a lifestyle magazine. I was also Service-Teammanager in a big restaurant, so i know how to organize, play in a team and lead a group of people.

The focus of my first teacher training was on Hatha, Vinyasa and restorative Yoga, which i all like and combine. I usually practice and teach a style which could be described best as Hatha Flow or Yin-Yang Fascial Yoga with the following characteristics:
- season- and daytime oriented
- tonic, static asanas (Yang) and softer, flowing movements (Yin) alternate with one another
- sensual enjoyment of the movements
- intuitive, spontaneous moves
- fasciae-training: bouncing, swinging and slow-melting stretches
- the combination of breath, concentration and conscious movement is really important to me
- So i usually don´t teach Power-"Fitness"-Vinyasa. It´s rather slow but still challenging

The Yin Fascial Style i studied is quiet interesting. It´s a combination of different meditation practices and studies on buddhism, daoism, integral philosophy and Myofascial Release technique. It activates and balances energy in the organs and major meridians, in the fascial bends and the chakra system. Furthermore it dissolves blockages and constrictions in the physical body with help of the poses and tennisballs (Self-Massage).

My Massagestyle is a combination of my different trainings: Wellness (Hot Oil, Aroma, Hot Stone etc.), Myofascial Release Technique, Sport- and Triggerpoint Massage.
As you can tell, i always love the combination of Yang (male/power/active) and Yin (soft/calming/quiet). Furthermore i am specialized in the work with Fascia tissues regarding both yoga and massage.

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