Veronica Berezowsky

Vancouver, BC

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My biggest aim in sharing yoga practice is to inspire (myself and) others to find a (more) meaningful and fulfilling life journey.

I have practiced yoga for over 20 years. The commitment, devotion and self-inquiry that I found in Ashtanga yoga, inspired me to dive deeper into the practice and to follow my teacher training. I started sharing the practice in Amsterdam in 2011, with the support and mentorship of my teacher Claudia Pradella, with whom I will be forever grateful.

Since then, I have had to the opportunity to closely learn from beautiful, wise and inspiring teachers and I am especially grateful for the lessons that I receive from my own practice and from each and every student.

As a dance-movement therapist, development worker and menstruality coach, activist & educator I have also been blessed to travel the world using dance as a tool for social transformation and inclusion, inspiring women to embrace their cyclical nature, and empowering communities in developing countries countries.



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