Veronica Johnson

Augusta, GA
United States
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Veronica became interested in yoga as a means of exercise, but quickly discovered that through her practice she was able to calm the “noise” in her head and explore the depths of herself. Yoga teaches ahimsa, that one must not harm any living creature, a concept many of us tend to overlook when dealing with ourselves. So from Veronica’s beginning experience with yoga, she was learning to be compassionate and loving toward the being she is. Once she began treating herself with care, it was easy to look beyond herself and treat others the same way. Veronica decided to deepen her practice and knowledge of yoga, and took the Pranakriya Teacher Training course. She has learned that teaching yoga is “not just about telling folks where to put their feet and hands.” It is about sharing your own love of yoga and life with others while respecting and helping them on their own yogic journey. Veronica is very interested in bringing yoga to those with larger bodies, so that they too, may benefit from the power of yoga.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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