Veronica Layunta-Maurel

United Kingdom

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Veronica is the founder of Akasha Yoga Centre in Beeston (), Dru Yoga and Meditation teacher and Ayurvedic Health Coach.

Veronica’s experience with yoga began 20 years ago while studying Eastern Philosophy at university in Barcelona and while traveling to India, where she volunteered in a Leprosy hospital in Surat, Gujarat. She began practising asana with regularity in 2005, fell in love with the practice and then spent 3 years becoming a Dru Yoga teacher.

In addition to Dru yoga classes, Veronica also teaches Dru Yoga Beginners courses and Dru Relaxation/Meditation. She specialises in Yoga for Health, Yoga for ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue), Trauma, and Sleep Recovery programmes.

She is also a qualified nurse with 14 year experience in the NHS and trained in Ayurveda Health Coaching. Veronica runs Ayurveda Health Coaching programmes at Akasha, where she helps people to adopt healthy daily habits in order to live a healthier, more fulfilled life, while losing weight, sleeping better, acquiring a daily yoga and meditation practice, and moving from a space of overwhelm to one of ease.

"My time during my Dru Yoga Teacher Training happened to be rather challenging: ill-health, stress and exhaustion are only a few examples I learnt to overcome; and by doing so I equipped myself with the tools to help other people in similar circumstances."

Veronica also holds a MA in Creative Writing and regularly contributes to Yoke magazine. After having taught Creative Writing in the University of Nottingham for the last six years, she is currently working in developing new links between yoga, creativity and spiritual practices. Keep an eye in our creativity workshops and blog if you are interested in opening up to your unique voice and develop your creative writing practice.


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