Veronika Freitag


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Veronika Freitag is a certified Anusara® Yoga teacher and the owner of the JYOTI-YOGA-STUDIO in Hamburg. Previously to that she used to be driven by a deep longing for “something”, a feeling that certainly many of us know – if it hasn’t been forgotten yet in these fast-paced times.
This unspecific aspiration made Veronika take on a variety of different professions and guided her on various paths and journeys. In acting school (1999) she experienced the energy and beauty of yoga for the first time. Attracted by the powerful flow of Vinyasa Yoga, she completed her Vinyasa Flow RYT teacher training. In 2004 she discovered Anusara® Yoga with its deepening therapeutic effects of its principles of alignment
– a very joyful and heart-touching yoga style.

“One of the most essential realizations on my yoga path is the insight that there is nothing to be searched for. Life is about finding the love and the living beauty (Shri) in everything that is. Anusara® Yoga teaches us this insight, giving us the courage and the energy to live and to love. This exactly is the motivation of my teaching.
In the place of all teachers I would like to expess my gratitude with all my heart to Lalleshvari, Vilas and Todd Tesen, who assisted me on my long journey of becoming a certified Anusara® Yoga teacher.”


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