Victoria Fernandez

Vallejo, CA
United States

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About Me
I am a swimmer and gymnast from the base of the Rocky Mountains now residing near the waters of the San Francisco Bay. I started my yoga practice five years ago at my neighborhood studio, Purusha Yoga, when I was a college student at San Francisco State. I instantly loved the calming effects that it had on my mind and body. I learned to breathe and meditate in ways I never explored before and found a comfortable space to de-stress from daily life and the worries of my mind. Physically, yoga helped transform my swimming by connecting breath, increasing core strength and aiding in recovery from old injuries.

My Mission
An athlete and movement specialist at heart, I believe that everything is connected to the core and breath. I believe yoga is for every body and strive to make yoga accessible by offering donation based classes. I believe that yoga should never hurt and pay special attention to injuries and proper alignment. I believe each student’s practice and story is unique and beautiful. I believe in creating a safe space for my students to be their true selves both on and off the mat. I believe in positive affirmations with messages of self love and body acceptance. I believe in seva, selfless giving, and community.

What to Expect
I offer a personalized approach to yoga and swimming and in my classes you will find safe progressions and modifications for all levels. My teaching style is Hatha flow and I draw inspiration from aspects of vinyasa, Iyengar, and gymnastics. Hatha is the root of all other forms of yoga and is known for its therapeutic approach. My classes are a playful and expressive mix of active and restorative poses. I like to give assists and I am passionate about partner yoga, massage, and essential oils and often incorporate these elements into my classes and personal sessions.


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