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My name is Victoria. I am a writer, vegan, feminist, traveler, Sagittarius, one time/sometime musician, friend and dog lover.

I started exploring different styles of yoga in 1996. I was on and off. On and off. In year 2000 I established what would become a serious and regular practice. I realized that yoga would become a big part of my life. In spring/summer of 2007 I completed my Yoga Alliance-certified teacher training in New York. Later that year I began teaching. In 2010 I did a Yin Yoga teacher training in Stockholm.

In addition to that I have taken numerous immersion workshops, and have studied with many renowned teachers such as Ana Forrest, Sharon Gannon & David Life, Jai Sugrim, Lino Miele and Petri Räisinen.

For me yoga is way more than just physical exercise, even if that, of course is the framework for my classes. At least at first glance. But over time, and little by little, I hope that as my students scratch their way deeper into their asana practice, the won’t have a choice but to explore and delve into all aspects of yoga.

I teach two styles of yoga: Vinyasa Flow and Yin. These two styles are polar opposites. Sometimes I mix them in the same class. Other times I teach them separately. They compliment each other perfectly. Like day and night. Like rice and beans. Like road trips and classic rock.

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic and invigorating form of yoga where asanas (poses) are linked into little vignettes, held together by deep Ujjayi breathing.

Yin Yoga is slow, meditative and introspective. Come into a pose at an appropriate depth and hold over time. Stay still and observe.

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