Vidhi Chhariya

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Meditation, Healing and Massage Teacher with 20 plus years of practice and teaching practice since 2008.

Lead teacher at Awaken Inner Buddha Yoga , Vidhi was introduced at a young age to Yoga, Reiki , Kundalini Meditation and Vippassna. At the age of 20 he forayed into the world of Tantra and furthered his knowledge by delving into the world of Touch Therapies such as Auyurvedic Massage, Thai Massage, Reflexology and Meridians.

Having worked for corporate sector for more than 18 years, Vidhi kept practicing what he had learnt with a group of practitioners who were into spiritual practices. In 2008 on request of some practitioners he started teaching the Healing Massage along with buddhist meditation and yoga, which used to greatly benefit the healers and practitioners he treated in making their practice stronger and elevating their moods. Thus in 2008, Awaken Inner Buddha Yoga was born.

With a strong exposure to the corporate sector, stress and ego related to day to day lives, expectations and failures Vidhi soon realized what it takes for a common man / woman to get out of that cycle of stress in order to restore their energies and refresh themselves to focus and enjoy life better. Today his workshops are attended not only by healers, yoga teachers but common office going people who report high physical energy, change in fundamental way of thinking and reduced stress level after attending his classes. From relationships to work to expectations, his teaching helps us answers life's fundamental questions of what makes us happy and how to achieve it.

Vidhi is a great admirer of Buddha and teaches the same meditation that Buddha gave to this world Vippassna. In his workshops he teaches this meditation in a simple and easy to learn format and helps you use this technique to go beyond the realm of meditation itself and learn how to heal self and others and how to source the energy of Sun into ourselves and make our lives better. Most healers who attend his workshops are able to clear their own chakras and blocks with his help and also strengthen their own meditation and refresh their energy.

Vidhi aspires to teach and travel all around the world , so if you would like to associate and know more about how to co-host or organize one of this workshops in your city/country you write directly at

At Awaken Inner Buddha yoga he has so far taught in more tan 30 countries and 50 cities across Europe and India.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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