Davina Gotch-White

Williamstown SA
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Since attending my first yoga class over 20 years ago I felt a great affinity and fascination with yoga and how it can influence our way of being so profoundly on so many levels. My career at the time was research focused in the sciences and yoga became my support and ally through the challenges of research positions and completing a PhD and health problems that arose along the way too. I would attend my weekly yoga classes religiously and started to seek out yoga teachers with depth of experience and knowledge; I yearned to understand more about yoga, its practices and myself. I would spend time out from my research life periodically attending yoga holidays, which brought brightness and life back to body and mind, and great learning about myself on a much deeper level. After completing my PhD life became a little challenging for a while and I lent on yoga to help, attending a teacher training course by a UK based teacher which gave me the catalyst with my research work to find a new home and a new way of living in Australia.

On arriving in Australia I wanted to find authentic teachers of yoga with a deep understanding of this ancient practice whom I could learn the traditional roots of yoga from; I wanted the real deal. I was fortunate enough to come across Shantarasa Yoga in an advert and contacted Keval Pezet. I started attending the weekly chants and began to learn all aspects of this ancient practice, attending and completing the YTT Level 1 and 2, as well as many workshops and activities, including meditation, yogic scriptures, and Sevā practice. During the Level 1 YTT I met Gurudev (Mahāmandaleśvar Swami Nityānanda) who became my Yoga Guru and have spent time in his company in meditation intensives and listening to his discourses of yogic knowledge and its application in our modern lives. Last year enabled the visit to Gurudev's Shanti Mandir Ashram in Magod, Gujarat, India, to train in Meditation and yoga Psychology as well as more in-depth training with YTT Level 2 with Shantarasa Yoga. The resident Ayurvedic Clinic also had a transformative effect on my health and well-being. It is a privilege to share what I've learnt with you and look forward to regular ashram visits to progress personal practice and embrace the learnings to facilitate and share with you.

Nearly three years ago I left my scientific research career behind to pursue the path of yoga in its fullest sense. It is a privilege to offer to you all the learnings from such great teachers. Looking forward to sharing the ancient practices of yoga with you through a private one-on-one session, yoga class, workshop, retreat and other yogic practices and programs offered by Shantarasa Yoga and through Yoga Gnosis.
Much Love and Namaste,


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

5 Reviews

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Yoga Review

Thank you Davina for understanding my particular issues and for your very wonderful 1:1 sessions to date. I am very impressed with how much effort you put into understanding my conditions and how gentle yet effective that my sessions have been to date. I look forward to more.

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Davina is a very caring & experienced teacher. She always checks in with people and meets the needs of the group in all her sessions. I love going and always feel rejuvenated after love the relaxation.

Davina Gotch-WhiteJune 30, 2016
Thank-you Judith

So glad you are enjoying the yoga Judith and experience rejuvenation and love the relaxation. We not only care for and improve our physical body but also our other more subtle layers of being during a traditional hatha yoga class. This brings about profound changes and improvements in how we feel and interact in the world - looking forward to sharing more of these aspects of yoga with you and the group Judith. Namaste, Davina

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Davina is a very confident and caring teacher. I put my full trust in her to consider my well-being when doing certain postures. I do fully recommend her as a first class teacher.

Davina Gotch-WhiteJune 27, 2016
Thank-you Kathy

So glad to hear you are enjoying the yoga and feeling a sens of well-being in the postures. This is something I'm exploring more on a personal level in my own practice and I'm looking forward to sharing insights on experiencing a posture with you more fully in class. What we experience in a posture can lead to breakthroughs in how we see ourselves and others and how we experience life. A very worthy focus in yoga practice. Thank-you for your confidence and trust in me, a precious gift to receive.

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Lisa Chamings

I had absolutely no trouble understanding and following different yoga positions as a new student to Davina. I also find her voice extremely calming and look forward to relaxation period at the end of each class.

Davina Gotch-WhiteJune 25, 2016
Thank-you Lisa

Wonderful to hear that you are enjoying the yoga classes. It means a great deal to me that you are able to understand how to come into and transition out of the yoga postures. This is an important aspect of the class and a lot can be learnt through bringing observation to these aspects of the class. Relaxation and yoga nidra enable releasing at deeper levels of our being. I am very glad you experience the deepness of this element of the class. Looking forward to sharing and teaching more yoga with you and bringing these levels of awareness to you with ease and enjoyment. Thanks Lisa. Namaste, Davina

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Amazing Experience

The first class was brilliant - it was wonderful to come out of a class feeling like a new person - and no aches and pains. And the standard has not dropped. Davina is going from strength to strength, introducing new techniques which are awesome and from which we all benefit. I love feeling so much better after a class. She is a very caring person and strives to solve everyone's problems. And I am so glad I found her!

Davina Gotch-WhiteJune 15, 2016
Thank-you Jacqui

Thank-you Jacqui. Its a pleasure to teach and share yoga with others and such a gift to have been given by my teachers. I am very grateful for the beautiful, insightful and bright souls who come to my classes, and you are definitely one of those Jacqui. So uplifting to see you all benefit from the yoga practices and to leave feeling so well on all levels. Really looking forward to sharing more yoga with you :-)