Viktorija Kirchhof


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I am a state-certified yoga teacher with deep knowledge in the philosophy of yoga and live according to its principles. Pilgrimages through India, Nepal and Tibet complemented my yoga awareness.

I am also a certified Ayurvedic therapist (Ayurveda Institute Vasudeva Vilasam, Kerala, India) for Pancha Karma and offer Ayurvedic treatments and Pancha Karma cures.
My ongoing studies as an Ayurvedic health consultant gives me the opportunity to advise people individually on how they can shape their diet, personal hygiene, daily division, their movement and relaxation, their social contacts and working conditions in such a way that health is promoted.
My classes include classic Hatha Yoga and Slow Yoga in groups, yoga in the office and therapeutic yoga with Ayurvedic health counseling as individual lessons.


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