Vinod Vitkar

Goa Goa

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I am a certified Yoga Teacher. I completed my Yoga teacher training in Multi Styles at Oceanic Yoga in Goa. Sincere practice, study and while teaching in different programs I have developed my own teaching style which includes in-depth knowledge of the subjects with playfulness enjoy the exploration of body & mind wellness & sharing my knowledge with classes whether dynamic or passive are mindful & meditative, playful & accessible, supportive & nurturing with a focus on correct breathing & my yoga practice and also taking my first steps towards teaching my classes are a dynamic Vinyasa Flow integrating alignment, core work, and breathing techniques with basic poses and creative sequencing. workshops all across the globe, focusing on handstands, arm balances, vinyasa foundation and fearless living. Each class is designed to energize the body, cultivate a meditative consciousness, and give greater vitality and health.


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