Violet Luxton

Echo Park, CA
United States

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Sat Nam! Violet Luxton here, Harkamal Kaur. I've been exploring yoga's spiritual frontiers for 27 years and teaching for eight.

My fascination with yoga began at an early age with Simhasana or “Lion pose.” Looking like a lion and panting like a dog was my first introduction to yoga's psychoactive potency until my first Kundalini yoga class in 2008.

I quickly fell in love. The emotional freedom and physical independence I felt pushed me to take my first teacher training course at age 19. Around the same time, I began studying traditional Kung Fu with Master Jonathan Snowiss of the Wei Tuo Academy and incorporated both teachings into my yoga practice.

Since then, teaching has taken me around the world and enabled me to see first hand how we can empower ourselves to overcome life's challenges like addiction, domestic violence, PTSD and incarceration with Yoga as a powerful tool towards planetary peace. I invite you all to practice.

My other passions include music, science and software design!
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