Violet Pasztor Wilson

Whister, Bluemountains, BC

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Yoga instructor Violet Pasztor Wilson is the founder of The Canadian Yoga Alliance. Ms. Pasztor has been teaching yoga for 15 years, 10 of which were in St. Catharines, Ontario. Prior to teaching Yoga in St. Catharines, On., Violet instructed Yoga at the Harrison Hotsprings Hotel in British Columbia. Previous to this, she ran her private studio, Alte-Med Rejuvenation, in Parry Sound Ontario.

This instuctor has been practicing Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation for 24 years after having a transcendental experience at 20 years of age. Her curiousity then of the metaphysical led to the AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI and the Self Realization Society.

She explored the Kripalu Yoga centre on Carlton Street in Toronto, Ontario and participated in classes and Satsang until their closing in the early '90's.

Meditation and Pranayama (study of Vital Breaths) led to a deeper study and practice of HathaYoga Postures (Asanas) at age 24. The Universe led her to daily practice and further philosophical study of India's most profound Spiritual Jewel (YOGA). At that time her spiritual teacher, Ian Davey, further introduced esoteric studies.

Working for many years as a professional model, living in New York City, then Toronto, travelling to California, Mexico, Cayman Islands and British Columbia rendered a very fast paced busy existence.

Given her career in the Fashion Industry, health and fitness was always a key issue in Violet's life. Movement and dance was also important; she studied dance at the 'George Randolf Dance School' in Toronto, Ontario, for a short time until the school closed at that location in the early '90's.

After a time and through introspection, Yoga transformed Violet's busy life, giving it meaning and profoundness that had been taken for granted.

The birth of her son in 1992, was then the final step on the path to true 'self-realization'.

She is now 44 years old.

Her teaching approach is a safe, time tested, integrated and combined style of Hatha (sun/moon)Yoga.

The practice evolves within the realm of RAJA/Ashtanga YOGA. Combining the various aspects of meditation, breath, strength, Kundalini and Taoism, Violet founded a new system of Yoga and calls it ' RAJAFUSION'. © 2003-


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