Vishali Varga

Delray Beach, FL
United States

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After doing graduate research at major museums in New York, Vishali began studying yoga philosophy, meditation and asana over 25 years ago. For 8 years she immersed herself in ashram life, living in both the US and India, crediting her invaluable depth and breadth of learning to gifted scholars, swamis and asana masters from different philosophical traditions.

Since 1998 Vishali has devoted her life to teaching yoga, has opened three studios in New York & New Jersey, and has lead scores of courses, trainings, retreats and workshops. Known as a 'bridge builder' and 'teacher's teacher', Vishali has spent decades studying texts and rituals in context. Her teachings specializes in building the bridge of understanding from ancient Indian practice to 21st century spirituality, science, fitness and anatomy.

For the past eight years she has also led trips to the temples of India and does consulting for travelers, allowing students to experience the rituals of yoga in its birthplace.