Vishnu Shukla


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Vishnu Shukla was born in Allahabad(Ancient name Prayagraj) India , In a Traditional Hindu Brahmin Family. The Second Son of Sanskrit Professor , at the age of 14 they moved to Varanasi . In the age of 10 he started Practicing Yoga with His Master Sri Harichaiteny Brahmchari Ji Maharaj of Hatha Yoga tradition. He practiced many kinds of Yoga Styles - Hatha , Kriya , Kundalini , Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and many Meditation Techniques He is being practicing yoga from 2001 and teaching yoga from 2013 . He studied Computer Engineering and Ancient Indian Astrophysics . He also Gained good skills in Street & People Photography. He had Mastered some new styles of Yoga - Spritual Yoga , Sunrise Yoga and Classical Power Yoga under Guidance of his Master . In year 2014 he moved to Russia and teaching Yoga and Sanskrit in many Russian Cities - St petersburg , Moscow , Moscow Oblast , Izhevsk .
My view on Yoga is to balance your body and mind and ready to find your self in path Spritual Consiousness. He is Currently Working in St Petersburg and Moscow Russia ( also Regional cities - Korolev and Mitichi ). He offering many different styles of Yoga & Sanskrit group , Private or Private Group classes and Seminar in Russia and India.


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