Vivianne Barry

Noosa QLD

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Vivianne is an experienced teacher who has been practicing, studying and breathing yoga for more than twenty years. Vivianne’s yoga story goes back to her corporate career, where yoga was the constant solace and source of peace and connection during busy and stressful times. It was the way that Vivianne found calm and clarity of mind with a busy lifestyle. Eventually the desire to learn more about yoga took her to India many times, learning direct from the source in the Iyengar and Ashtanga traditions. On returning to Australia Vivianne studied intensively with Radiant Light Yoga teachers, Adam and Akash Bornstein, to further her yoga qualifications.

Vivianne loves the outdoors and connecting to the energy of nature: swimming the ocean, riding the forest and running the beach. She finds that yoga is a wonderful way to ensure the body stays grounded, stretched and strong to support and enhance our life, also giving freedom of mind and spirit.


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