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Wal Nunes is a Yogini and Martial Arts Practitioner. Founder Director of Studio Integral SP. Holistic teacher, with initiation in Sri Vidya Tantra and Kalaripayattu, also has specialization in Thai Yoga Massage and through her research and experience has developed ability in energy reading. Wal has practiced Yoga all over the globe since 2004. Her Yoga journey began in London where she practiced Power and Ashtanga Yoga to help her to deal with drug addiction she was fighting that time.

To understand the chaos inside her, she travelled to India in 2005 searching for answers. There she studied with masters from the Himalaya and let herself go through lots of changes with the help of reiki, yoga, massage and meditation. In 2006 she moved to Australia where she did her Jivamukti Yoga training course.

She has practiced with teachers and Masters from various lineages and traditions around the world.

To build strength to deal with her weak body and to correct her alignment she practiced aikido and has been practicing Capoeira and Kalaripayattu.

Wanting to change her aggressive pattern from the trauma of child abuse she went through, she has dedicated herself on the studies of the subtle energy of yoga, to get better understanding of her own pain. From the deep connection with herself through her experience and research, she created a Program related to the studies of chakras , which helps people to get in touch with their inner soul and get rid of the dissatisfaction and pain their carry through their lives.

Wal Nunes lives between Brazil and South India, where she spends part of the year under training with her Guru Lakshmanan Gurukkal.

In Yoga she finds inspiration on the readings of Mirra Alfassa and Sri Aurobindo, who guided her to Auroville- India and where she had the first vision of her spiritual path and her mission in life, also the place where she met her Guru after so many years of searching.

Her classes have the blend of many techniques and is built for people from different level of practice. For her what is most important in this journey is to find the connection with the student and guide them on their own way inside. A place they can get in touch with their inner power, love and bliss. My work is about transformation and consciousness, is a reflection of the changes I went through in life.


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