Wayan Mina

Ubud Bali

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I Wayan Mina.
We also have a Balinese Kundalini Tantra Yoga team of instructors that teach in the venues here in Bali. Pak Mina is a disciple of Ashram Munivara and has studied Kundalini Tantra Yoga with Guru Arsana. He teaches at Om Ham Retreat, Ashram Munivara and at Ubud Bodyworks Centre.
Wayan Mina was born in Padang Tegal, Ubud village Bali in 1970. His family background is a farmer, but he is a painter. When he was young, he always thinks about God and spiritual life education.
He knows Guru so well because of his house just near Guru’s house. He knows Guru for a long time since he is young. One day, he got an accident that made his legs palsied. As he knows Guru is a healer at that time, Guru gave treatment for his legs and make him better.
He started to be a Yoga Asana instructor on 2008 at Ashram Munivara. Then during the time, Guru asked him to be a Kundalini Tantra Yoga instructor. Also, he is a meditation instructor at Om Ham retreat.
“do everything with love and sincere, then happiness will surely be achieved”


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