Wendy Brooking

United Kingdom

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I liken the practising of yoga to the learning of mathematics in that you learn how to add up in the classroom but you apply the learning whilst out buying the grocery’s. With the practice of yoga you learn the ability to be able to bring your body and mind in to a state of equilibrium in the yoga studio and take that knowledge out in to your every day lives. It is in your every day life that your practice can serve you best.

I believe that everybody can practice yoga and that every body can meditate. It has been said that I teach 'Doable' yoga. As did the teachers of long ago, I'm use gentle movement and alignment to prepare the body to be able to be able to fall in to deep embodied meditation.

I practice and teach Scaravelli inspired yoga. It is a gentle embodied form of Hatha yoga which focuses on developing core strength through releasing tension thus creating flexibility. My teaching also draws on my wider knowledge of: more traditional Hatha yoga, Yoga Nidra (some times know as Yoga Sleep) and my practice of Buddhist Meditation.

I run retreats which focus on achieving and sustaining well-being through yoga, meditation and healthy diet.

I look forward to meeting you.