Wendy Davies

Courtenay, BC

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I'm Wendy Davies
I began practicing yoga in 2008 for the flexibility benefits
and quickly realized that yoga was so much more than just stretching. Strength. Flexibility. Stress release. Confidence. Balance. Being mindful and being present. Then, I discovered a more passive style of yoga.
Yin Yoga. And I was hooked.
Yin yoga has complimented my overall yoga practice and has helped me with my active, everyday life. I thoroughly enjoy the yin/yang styles of yoga and I truly look forward to helping you realize what benefits Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga has to offer for you!
I live in Courtenay, BC with my husband, and my cat, Ginny. I love being active - walking, cycling, hiking - and in addition to teaching yoga and fitness classes, I also enjoy beachcombing, climbing in the mountains, and kayaking (one of my favorite places is Tofino, ).
I am currently teaching Yoga (Hatha and Yin) at The Lewis Center:


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