Wendy Reese

Buffalo, MN
United States

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I initially discovered and practiced yoga over 20 years ago as a form of exercise that I could do at home. I liked how it strengthened my body and immediately fell in love with the way it made me feel energetically. When the concept of yoga therapy was introduced to me, I understood what a tremendous healing tool yoga offered and became completely immersed. I became a certified instructor in 2011 and opened a studio a few months later. I was introduced to Thai bodywork at this time and started training to become a Thai therapist as well. My desire to continue to evolve as a teacher, student, healer, and human being inspires my ongoing growth and development.
Additionally, I have scoliosis and suffered from years of severe back pain, which eventually led me to appreciate the physical results of a consistent yoga practice with decreased physical limitations.

It is my desire to help empower each of my clients to gain adequate physical strength to lead a healthy and active life and to provide tools that lead to mental and emotional balance.


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