Wendy Shubin

Santa Monica, CA
United States

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Wendy Shubin, MSPAS, PA-C, C-IAYT, 500 RYT, Certified ELDOA™ Trainer and Yoga Therapist has been a yoga teacher and practicing licensed Physician Assistant specializing in OB/GYN & Reproductive Endocrinology since 2001. As a mid-level clinician, Wendy currently practices with ​Fertility & Surgical Associates of California, Santa Monica Location with Dr. Mousa Shamonki. She sees private clients for consultations at Arbor Vitae Wellness in Santa Monica.

Wendy completed her 1000 + hour hatha yoga therapy teacher training through liv-INg-yoga with jasmine lieb in 2015. She continues her education with Dr. Guy Voyer, a French Osteopath from Paris, France and his mentees Bryce Turner, Brent Meier and Jason Amstutz, in his ELDOA™, SOMA Trainer and SOMA Therapy programs and with the Upledger Institute International in CranioSacral Therapy.

Wendy’s commitment to her education singles her out in the medical community as an expert in her field affording her opportunities to partake in speaking engagements including the Virtual Fertility Summit: The Path to Mom, The Nevada Academy of Family Physicians Annual Conference, and numerous pharmaceutical education programs.

Wendy pursued yoga therapy and ELDOA™ after a traumatic neck injury sustained during a chiropractic adjustment that left her with chronic headaches and vertigo for 4.5 years. After seeking both allopathic and holistic medical modalities, she was referred to Stefan Hagopian, DO, who successfully treated her with osteopathic manual therapy.

She credits her full recovery to osteopathic manual therapy, yoga therapy, ELDOA™ and a prescribed strength training and myofascial stretching program. Wendy’s recovery is a DAILY practice. Everyday she commits to her prescribed strength training program, yoga practice, and ELDOA postures. There are NO days off. Wendy will never ask you to do anything she herself is not doing to create a healthy body and healthy mind.


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