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My name is Wendy Turner. Yoga has been a part of my life now for over 10 years. In the past I have had very stressful jobs, so I am fully aware of how stress takes it toll on a persons general health and well being. I have personally had amazing results and changes to my body from practicing yoga. For me it totally makes sense for yoga to be in my daily life. I believe that yoga is a life long journey, there is no destination. There is so much to learn and gain from yoga and even the most advanced practitioners still learn something new from their practice. Everyday in life is different and so is your yoga, I just trust it and go with it.

My first qualification was gained in 2009 in Southern India from Dr Senthil Kumar in Coonoor. Which gave me Yoga Alliance 200 hrs accreditation. This was truly authentic Hatha Yoga and was very inspirational. However for personal reasons it was not the time right for me to go and teach so I just carried on with my personal practice.
Instead I turned to therapies and trained and qualified as a holistic massage therapist. I went on to run a successful small business but after a couple of years due to health problems, a bad back mostly, I had to give it up. I returned to yoga and increased my practice to help heal my body. I tried various styles including Bikram Yoga, hot yoga, which helped me immensely and controlled my weight but ultimately I wanted to come back to the more flowing sequence style of yoga with more variety.

I then decided that I wanted to explore my desire to teach again. I looked around for Yoga training courses and decided on Sun Power Yoga because it ticked all the right boxes for me. The school was founded and is run by the highly regarded Ann Marie Newland. My training was very rigorous and intensive but so rewarding. I got through it and can proudly say I am now a fully qualified Yoga teacher. My training has given me the confidence and belief to get out there and show what the power of yoga can do for us.

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