Whitney Bennett


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I have been trained and certified in both Yoga and the Nia Technique. I have been dedicated to my practice since 1999 and have over 1,000 hours of teaching experience and 800 hours of teacher training experience. Through my practice I have cultivated a deep sense of body awareness and I like to bring that into the class experience, whether it be the shimmy joyful movements of dance in Nia, the conscious prana flow in vinyasa classes, or the inner contemplation of restorative practice. I teach to empower all bodies to find their way to be balanced, energized, healthy, strong, open, receptive, conscious, and authentic … to discover their sacred athlete within, to grow, heal and to accept. My intention with my classes is to offer tools that will apply to your life and your practice off the mat and into the real world so you can live in joy and harmony.


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