Whitney Burke

Grafton, WI
United States

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I offer seasonally based yoga, traditional Ayurvedic therapies and counseling, Vedic astrology readings and herbal formulas. A Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, graduate of Kanyakumari Ayurveda in Glendale WI, YTT 200 and a Jyotish ( Vedic astrology) apprentice. Ayurveda emphasizes simple daily practices to create balance in mind, body and spirit.  This ancient sister science to Yoga is referred to as “The mother of medicine.”  Some of the tools of Ayurveda are herbs, yoga, meditation, abhyanga massage and aromatherapy.  An Ayurvedic practitioner creates an individualized plan for healing using these tools for your specific “dosha” or constitution. Attend an Ayurveduc yoga class to ldeepen and personalize your practice. Make an appointment with me to find out your dosha, have your birth chart read or receive a therapeutic treatment. See how these ancient sciences can help you find balance today.


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