Wiebke Marie Junk


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The body is not just a means of transportation for our brains. When I began practicing Vinyasa Yoga in 2008 this insight was quite a revelation to me. In integrating dynamic movement between oftentimes challenging poses with steady breathing, Vinyasa Yoga had the unique effect of bringing my mind back into the present moment and re-connecting it with my body.

In my classes I seek to share this experience. I teach energetic flow sequences which get the body moving and foster strength, flexibility and balance. My classes put emphasis on anatomically sound practice, while, at the same time, inviting students to relax the expectation that poses have to look a certain way to be right. No matter if you can touch your toes in a forward bend (or a back bend!), to me you will be right in whichever way you show up that day.

I am orginally from Germany, but have also lived in the UK and France. In 2015 I moved to Copenhagen where I teach Vinyasa at Yogacentralen in Frederiksberg.


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