William Hufschmidt

Atlanta, GA
United States

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Yoga Teaching Certifications – Kripalu Yoga – 200 & 500, Pranakriya 200 & 500.
Senior Teacher and Trainer (200 & 500 hour) – Pranakriya Yoga
Practitioner of Thai Yoga Therapy and the Rolf Method of Structural Integration.
Reiki Master

My first yoga teacher was Lorna Brown (1989-1993), whom I met while completing my undergraduate degree in Botany at Humboldt State University. After several years of regular, personal practice and a whole lot of life experience, I began studies at Kripalu Center, earning 200-hour (2001) and 500-hour (2007) Yoga Teaching Certifications.

Yoganand Michael Carroll has been my primary yoga teacher and teaching mentor since 2001. I feel both gratitude and privilege to have learned Tantric Hatha Yoga practices from Yoganand because he shows great respect to the practice and to his students’ individuality to grow their practice. Personally, these teachings inspire me to want to continue to grow, to have faith in the practice, in the prana, in my Self.

Yoga philosophy teaches us that everything in the universe is made of two things: energy and consciousness. In my classes, I strive to give participants the opportunity to experience a deep and evolving conscious connection with their own Life Force energy. We explore the nature of breathing and how you can use breath to enhance daily living. While we are breathing, we use different body postures and movements to awaken energy flow in your body to learn the richness of subtlety and compassion.

My teaching aims to inspire in students a self-curiosity, a desire to learn to see what’s in there, and then move beyond and through stuck-areas of thinking, emotional processing, and physical challenges. We are all capable of living a life “Fully Alive” to manifest our highest potentials – it’s just going to look different for Every Body. I teach yoga as a practice for Every Body that comes into the room, and I enjoy working with students representing all shapes and abilities. Whether you are in perfect health or working with physical challenges and dis-ease, yoga offers something to enhance your health and improve your quality of life. Our bodies are a reflecting expression of our thoughts and our experiences. Through the practice of yoga and body therapies like Thai Yoga Therapy and Structural Integration, we can learn how to process and release physical, emotional and spiritual injuries and scars. We can also change the course of our lives and affect the evolution of our health, our physical shape and our evolution as spiritual beings. Thanks for letting me share my experience with you.

Favorite Ideas:

William Hufschmidt: The secret of yoga is not what you’re doing, but your relationship to your breath while you are doing whatever you are doing. One of my favorite teachers, Saul David Raye, says, “asana without breath is like a river without water.”

Mark Van Doren: The art of Teaching is the art of assisting discovery.

Adyashanti: The true function of a teacher is not to tell us about how things really are, but to keep us on track of finding out ourselves. That is the beauty of spirituality, that we can all find out for ourselves.


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