William Hunnell

Goose Creek, SC
United States

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Life is full of interruptions, segue's, flux, fluff, and flat-lining. That can be changed for the better. All a person needs is an hour a day and about 15 square feet of space.

I was introduced to Yoga through a Google search for rehabilitating exercise for a knee in need of a 3rd operation and a waist-line in dire need of trimming down.

Traditional methods (running, calisthenics) I used were no longer an option for me as years of physical abuse (torn rotator cuffs, bad knees, and a back injury from three decades prior) took their toll.

Three nights in a row of half-trying, and half-scoffing at the notion of Yoga practice changed my life.

I take that passion and bring it to the mat every day. I teach with that same passion and compassion. Three times is a charm. What have you got to lose?


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