Willow Marcotte

Land O Lakes, FL
United States

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I have been blessed to spend time traveling and experiencing different cultures and styles of yoga and meditation. As well, as having the honor to cross paths with some of the most humble and amazing people, mentors and teachers. They remind me that being a student of life leads to true happiness.
My journey in yoga began while studying Tibetan Buddhism and meditation in the 1990's. Having always had an appreciation for philosophy and ancient text, I found the path to yoga a welcoming, natural progression of my personal growth.
I teach with a sense of wonder that connects to the yogic lifestyle, by guiding and planning sequences of asana that allow for a students own experience and personal growth in their practice. I focus on giving cues and assist that are clear and mindful,realizing that no two bodies are a like.
I enjoy teaching one on one and group classes. My classes range from a gentle meditative experience to traditional Hatha Yoga approaches.
I invite student to dive into themselves,embracing balance not only on the may, but in the yoga as life as well.


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