Wilmien Bos

United Kingdom

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Wilmien Bos is an experienced, committed, effective and engaging teacher of yoga, Qi Gong and meditation as a practice and a way of life. Wilmien has worked for many years with clients from a diverse range of backgrounds, in the public and private sectors, in public programmes, at every level of yoga, providing innovative in-depth training and coaching. She is known for her warmth, grace and overall dedication to giving her students and clients the very best of these ancient practices. She is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher and an ambassador of the global charity organisation Yoga Gives Back. Based in London Wilmien teaches regular classes and workshops in leading studios, as well as private clients and corporate yoga.

Wilmien is an enthusiastic and committed yoga, Qi Gong and meditation practitioner and for the past ten years she has had ongoing training as well as a strong self practice. Wilmien completed her first yoga teacher training with senior teacher Rebecca Parker from Earth’s Power Yoga, after which she continuously studied Qigong under Gina Mela, founder of the Ching Tai Ji Qi Gong Academy. She subsequently completed a Prana Flow Intensive with the renowned Shiva Rea. In 2013 Wilmien studied the art of Muay Thai with former women’s world champion, Sophie Pittaway, whom she assisted in the development of a new martial art fitness concept called Kickasana. Wilmien successfully presented the concept to major fitness companies and at The Annual Om Yoga show in London. Following an injury at the end of 2013, Wilmien shifted her focus to concentrate on yoga with qigong and meditation, rehabilitating her body and freeing her mind in an impressive way through the combination of these practices. She subsequently created One Flow in 2014 and got invited back to the annual Om Yoga Show in 2015 to present a Vinyasa with Qigong class.

When working with private clients Wilmien adapts the session to the client’s level of practice, health and energy levels, or to address specific issues such as chronic stress, fatigue or depression, joint or muscle ailments and injury, digestive disorders etc. Each client is different and Wilmien creatively works with the client to ensure a balancing and nourishing practice is created that can range from deeply relaxing and meditative sessions to dynamic and fitness focussed work, the spectrum is wide and sessions are tailor made.

Wilmien’s studio classes are a fusion of seasonal vinyasa yoga with Qi Gong. Each season corresponds to a different sequence that works energetically with the natural state of the body and suitability for time of year. The aim is to leave students feeling both physically and mentally challenged as well as deeply relaxed, in tune with nature, feelings and emotions, balancing mind and body. Wilmien has designed this practice and a series of masterclasses and workshops. She aims to offer intensives internationally in the near future whilst continuing her own studies and self practice.

Wilmien’s classes are often observed by teacher trainees, and she is available for one to one mentoring sessions.

Week of May 23TH

Friday, May 27

  • Vinyasa with Qi Gong Level 1-2 Wilmien Bos @ The Life Centre Islington
    03:00 pm to 04:15 pm